St. James Orthodox Church - 195 North Main St. Milpitas, Ca 95035 - (408) 934-1794
Upcoming Events
Saturday, June 15
Divine Liturgy at 10:00 am
Saturday, June 15
Annual Picnic at Rainbow Park in
San Jose at 12:00 pm
Sunday, June 16
Midnight Prayer at 7:00 am
Matins at 8:30 am
Divine Liturgy at 10:30 am
Welcome to St. James' Website
Here you will find general information about
Orthodoxy and about who we are as a
church. Our site is not only for the one
seeking the roots and the continuity of the
Christian faith, but also for the Orthodox
Christian who lives this faith daily. You are at
the perfect place to orient yourself and to
learn and experience more!

After you become familiar with the information
here, we encourage you to come visit! Come
see and experience what the internet cannot
capture – the living Church.

Our Divine Liturgy
Before the start of the Divine Liturgy, the
Midnight Service takes place at 7:00 am.
Following the Midnight Service is the Matins
(Orthos) service at 8:00am. The Divine
Liturgy which begins at 10:30am is conducted
in English, Arabic and Greek.
Spiritual Corner
Pentecost Sunday - 6/16/19
Born in Nazareth, St. James,
"The Brother of our Lord", was
actually Jesus' second cousin
and the first Archbishop of
Click here for more
information on the life of our
patron saint.
About St. James
The Feast commemorates the descent of the
Holy Spirit upon the Apostles on the day of
Pentecost, a feast of the Jewish tradition. It
also celebrates the establishment of the
Church through the preaching of the Apostles
and the baptism of the thousands who on that
day believed in the Gospel message of
salvation through Jesus Christ.
The Feast is
also seen as the culmination of the revelation
of the Holy Trinity