St. James Orthodox Church - 195 North Main St. Milpitas, Ca 95035 - (408) 934-1794
At St. James, we strive on structured programs that focus on nurturing our youth and adults through the teachings of the church. Programs
such as Sunday school, Bible Study, and the Youth group help bring
Spiritual Programs
Sunday School
St. James is fortunate to have a very strong and thriving Sunday School program. The Sunday School
program teaches our children and youth the Orthodox faith through teachings of the Bible as well as
materials obtained from a number of Orthodox resources.
Bible Study
Bible study focuses on the presentation of some fundamental teachings of faith, worship, norms of living
and principles of administration of the Orthodox faith. Please check our newsletter page for schedule.
Youth Group
The church's future lies in the hands of our youth. They will carry on our traditions, faith and love. At
Saint James Orthodox Church, our goal is to help create a fun, loving and learning environment that will
help center the church around your daily life.